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Have you ruined your life beyond all reason?

Do you question God and “His plan” for your life?

Is what you dread most knocking on your front door?

Are you slow to figure out how life works?

An accomplished trial lawyer and a university professor along with their pastor-friend open up about their painful, sometimes senseless stories searching God’s sovereign nature. Their quest creates a page-turning, life-changing read for you.

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Fear Is Never Our Friend (Book)

Fear has reached epidemic proportions in our world today. Like a contagious disease affecting millions, it renders them weak and ineffective and robs them of their dreams. Fear is… »Learn More

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Thank God They Ate the Apple (Book)

Do you trust that God’s word is true when He says in His word that He has a plan for your life? Do you trust that if you have believed in Christ that God will complete your faith, that He will finish your life in Christ as He says in Philippians 1:6? Do you really believe His promises?… »Learn More

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Black Robe Fever (Book)

Like most, I naively entered the legal profession, thinking that all of those, like myself, that had prepared themselves for the practice of law, having committed themselves to uphold the law, having committed by their oath to the office of attorney to stand for ‘justice’ for all, would do so to the best of their abilities. Was I ever in for a surprise… »Learn More

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Fear is Never Your Friend Teaching (CD Audio)

There are those who believe fear can be a positive force in life… but in this teaching you will learn that fear is NEVER your friend. »Learn More

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Winning In The Courtroom

This new teaching set from one of the most acclaimed and respected trial lawyers in the nation will give you the knowledge and tools to take your law career to new levels of… »Learn More

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