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God speaks of FEAR in excess of 300 times in His Word and each and every time He speaks against fear. That should tell us all that fear IS NOT of value.

You don’t have to forsake your dreams, talents, and heart’s desires because of fear! Stop allowing its destructive power to rule your life. You can become fearless when you know how to apply the powerful secrets and proven principles in Scripture that enable you to exercise your God-given faith in any situation.

Fear Is Never Our Friend is receiving high praises from Christians in all walks of life because of its ability to encourage people to leap with both feet off their personal cliff of limitations and into a life free of fear.

Are you ready to become fearless? Don’t be afraid to live your life to the fullest. Learn why fear is never your friend, and how you can purge it from your life forever.

In seven simple chapters you’ll discover why: NO can be a great answer; options are overrated; failure is often the beginning; you must envision limits; attitude is never enough; you must be willing to embrace life’s risks; you can come to that place in your life where you find freedom from fear.

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