Gary Richardson: Book Testimonials

Gary Richardson is fearless. He is unafraid to scale an ice cliff if it’s an obstacle to the cause he earnestly supports. But it was not always so. He wasn’t born that way. It didn’t happen by accident. Hard struggle, hard work and hard lessons steeled Gary to achieve enormous personal and professional success.
His dedication to personal achievement and his unabashed spirituality enabled him to climb to the pinnacle of business and law. He overcame a blizzard of fears but knows that conquering fear is a lifetime challenge. Fear is always there. Insidious, like a virus, it constantly seeks to bring us down. Fear Is Never Our Friend…provides comfort and a lesson plan from a man who has been there and prevailed.
Frank Keating
Governor of Oklahoma

Articulate, intelligent, captivating — Gary Richardson is a man worth listening to.
Jim Stovall
President of the Narrative Television Network
Author, You Don’t Have to Be Blind to See and The Ultimate Gift

With easy-to-read clarity and compelling wisdom, Gary Richardson (my friend and attorney) persuades us to render the verdict that fear is not only our enemy, but one whose power has been stripped by God. This book will change the way you think in everyday struggles of life. You might even discover peace.
Larry Crabb
Author, Counselor
NewWay Ministries

Gary Richardson is an inspiration to families, churches, communities, and yes, our great nation. In this book he focuses on the destructive power of fear. It has been well said, “We need fear only fear itself.” Fear will always paralyze our emotions and ability to think clearly. This book will help you learn about what causes this enemy to prevail, and how we can overcome it. I believe Gary Richardson provides needed answers and will help inspire readers to achieve their Godgiven goals and dreams.
James Robison
President and Founder
LIFE Outreach International

If God hasn’t given us a spirit of fear, why would we want it? Love, power and a sound mind sound a lot better, don’t they? I shed tears of recognition and gratitude reading Gary’s book. I recommend it to all. God bless you!
Pat Boone
Author, Entertainer

This book…should be required reading for everyone, especially students and young adults. I couldn’t put it down once I started reading, and can’t wait to share it with friends and relatives.
Tom Quinn

As a songwriter I’m always impressed when a whole lot is said in as few words as possible. Gary has mastered this art of communicating on the potent topic of fear. From a classic line like“Fear is the beginning of success” to the simplicity of “God In/Fear Out.” YOU must read this book.
Contemporary Christian Artist

As a member of the media, I have closely watched the career of Gary Richardson….As long as there are wrongs to right, and battles to win, we’ll see Gary Richardson in there fighting. The greater the challenge, the more he seems to like it.
Becky L. Dixon
TV Producer, Oklahomans

Dear Gary,
Thank you for the book & CD: Fear is Never Your Friend. Congratulations! There are many good thoughts in the book. May God help us live full of faith & fear free. In Jesus,
Billy Joe Daugherty
Victory Christian Center
Tulsa, OK

Gary, I am so happy about your book. I have already applied the principles several times–really lots of times in my mind when things are happening! I am so proud of you. Keep the faith. “God is Good.”
Lynley Frank

I have just finished hearing your interview on radio and it was beautiful, it was beautiful. Brother this subject of fear and conquering fear or even having fear and knowing fear is never your friend everybody should hear that. All our church people need to hear that. Do whatever you are going to have to do to make yourself available for those folks to hear of it. This book should be in the hands of people. And I tell you that is a powerful book you have written. I turned through it the first time or two but now I am dying to read it page by page, line by line and word by word. I had no idea this was going to come to this type of thing but your ministry is just now really beginning. People need to hear it from the mouth of a lawyer and from the heart of a Christian.
Bob Harrington

Dear Gary: Your book was an inspiration to me and should be required reading for everyone, especially students and young adults. I couldn’t put it down once I started reading and can’t wait to share it with friends and relatives. I’m not giving up my signed copy of FEAR is NEVER your FRIEND so please let me know where can I buy ten more books Thanks for being such a good person and thanks even more for your wisdom and friendship.
Tom Quinn L.L.C.

Dear Gary: Wow! And a million thanks for your insightful, spirit-healing and inspirational book, Fear is Never Your Friend. It is my new traveling companion, and a book I highly recommend to all.
For many years, when in despair or downhearted, in addition to seeking guidance and solace through prayer and the Bible, I often referred to Dale Carnegie’s How to Stop Worrying and Start Living.
Now, instead of seeking Mr. Carnegie’s advice, I head straight for your words of wisdom Fear certainly is never our friend, but your wonderful book definitely is.
With best regards,
Joyce Gideon

Dear Mr. Richardson, I recently read your book “Fear Is Never Your Friend”, that was lent to me by my ex husband. I have to say that I was not that excited to be given a “self help” book recommended by my ex husband! I did not think any book could help me change my outlook, or help me overcome my fears which consumed my everyday life. On the outside I kept up a good front, smiling and joking, not letting anyone see how much in turmoil I was on the inside.

I am 46 years old, had just been served divorce papers after 26 years of marriage, and had never been as fearful in my life as to what I was supposed to do now. I had lived my entire married life fearful that my husband wouldn’t make his dream into a reality, and what would people think of us, how we would pay our house payment etc.. I resented that he had this unwavering faith, and why I couldn’t have that too. He was never in doubt, and would always say, “we have never done without, and the money will be there on time.” Of course he was right, but that wouldn’t stop me from repeating the whole routine the next month.

I was hooked after reading the first chapter of your book. I felt that it was an intervention from God that [my ex husband] knew you, and had the book to lend to me, it has literally changed my life. I feel I have my faith back, and I live each day for what it has to offer. I have gone an entire month without feeling the overwhelming fear that consumed my life. I wanted to personally thank you for changing my life and way of thinking. I work for a Halfway House for recovering women and their children, so I have ordered your book to have available for our clients, and of course I wanted my own personal copy.
Thank You,

Dear Gary: I want to express my personal thanks for sharing your unique perspective with The Ambassador Class at Tulsa Bible Church. The two Sundays you were there, the class was packed with about 80 people, and was very interested and responsive to the subject. I think we sold about 30 books.

Your candor and vulnerability was very evident and made the reality of fear in our lives more personal to each of us. The comments expressed to me were, thanks for making us more aware of the difference between knowledge and fear. Also, the fact that so often we bury fear in our sub-conscious mind, and do not deal with it. Some said, I always thought fear was just a part of life that we all had to live and deal with every day.

Personally, I thought your presentation was excellent and you are welcome back anytime. Thank you for your sharing this important subject with me and my friends.
Royce Wright
Tulsa Bible Church 

Dear Gary, I received your kind note and latest book Fear is Never your Friend.
A particular portion of your book resonated with me. The portion on page 122 spoke to me when you were outlining the “Plan B” in goal setting. While on life’s journey there are roadblocks and detours, but ultimately we end at the same destination-if we are free from fear.
I believe this book will help many people. I love the title! I am honored you thought enough of me and our relationship to send me your latest book.
Thank you for your kindness.
Warmest regards,
Dustin A. Thomas, DC