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Winning In The Courtroom

This new teaching set from one of the most acclaimed and respected trial lawyers in the nation will give you the knowledge and tools to take your law career to new levels of success.

Learn Powerful Techniques For:

  1. Choosing a Career Mission
  2. Planning a Trial Strategy
  3. Strategy and Procedure for Discovery
  4. Preparing for Trial
  5. Selection of Venue and Jury
  6. Organizing Evidence
  7. Carrying Out Trial Strategy
  8. Maximizing Damages with a Jury
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Black Robe Fever (Book)

Like most, I naively entered the legal profession, thinking that all of those, like myself, that had prepared themselves for the practice of law, having committed themselves to uphold the law, having committed by their oath to the office of attorney to stand for ‘justice’ for all, would do so to the best of their abilities. Was I ever in for a surprise.

That was many years ago. Many disappointing experiences ago and before I came to learn from some of the experiences that I will share with you in my book Black Robe Fever. Space will only allow me to share some of those experiences with you but you will see from what I share that in some courts lawyers will find it necessary to risk, at times, their own safety in order to fight for their client’s rights for ‘justice’. This happens when faced with a judge that is possessed with the insidious disease of black robe fever.

Doctors can’t diagnose this disease. Laymen and jurors can’t always see it, but a good lawyer can see it and diagnose the disease as it is happening. The question then becomes one of what will the lawyer do? Will the lawyer let this that is happening in his case by the Judge who has this insidious disease rob his client of ‘justice’, or will the lawyer, at times, be willing to risk his own safety.

This insidious disease is black robe fever and it comes on seemingly normal appearing Judges, when they put on the Judges robes and walk into the courtroom or into the Judges Chambers.

Again, the question isn’t simply whether you can diagnose a case of black robe fever, but whether the lawyer, your lawyer, will then have the passion, the drive, and the courage to fight against that which is happening due to the disease, for the sake of his client and for that which is right….JUSTICE.

This is what I want to share with you in my book, Black Robe Fever,—how to keep black robe fever from robbing you of the ‘justice’ under the law that you deserve and that you are entitled to.

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Thank God They Ate the Apple (Book)

Do you trust that God’s word is true when He says in His word that He has a plan for your life? Do you trust that if you have believed in Christ that God will complete your faith, that He will finish your life in Christ as He says in Philippians 1:6? Do you really believe His promises?

Is your God ‘Sovereign’? Sovereign enough in your life to do all that He has promised in His word that He will do?

In Thank God They Ate The Apple, I share my “ride” to a place to where I came to find answers to these questions and many more. A place to where I could totally trust God as my Sovereign Lord. Trust Him as the only one that can take my sin, my mistakes, my failings, my successes, my hopes — and make something out of all of this, something that ‘glorifies’ Him from all of me.

Is yourself some simple questions if you are one who thinks that your life or your salvation depends on you. For example, did you create yourself? Did you created yourself with all the “needs” you have that seemingly control you? With all your strengths and your weaknesses, all your shortcomings? Did you ask for any of those things during the time of your creation or development as a child? Did you have anything to do with the parents to whom you were born? The town, County and State you were born in? The “belief” system you were reared in? Did you have anything to do with any of that? If you had no control over any of this then ask yourself how all of a sudden you think you have so much control over your life and your ultimate salvation.

Think about it, I did and once I answered these questions by spending hours in His Word, it literally changed my life. My book, Thank God They Ate The Apple, will help you answer these questions.

Those are just some of the questions that will be answered for you as I share with you my journey in finding answers to questions that I came to a point of asking, much like questions I have posed as a lawyer, cross-examining hundreds of witnesses in search of TRUTH. More and more I realized that I had questions in my life pertaining to Him and to His teachings that I had never before asked? And questions that I didn’t have answers to. What a beautiful journey it has been that has allowed me to come to know my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, in a much better and more fulfilling way. I have found that to really ‘know’ Him in a real way, a more sustaining way and yes, a new way, a way that is full of joy, happiness and great peace, in Him, has brought great liberty.

But be prepared, Scriptural truth will take you way out of your comfort zone, it did me. And be prepared to see God, maybe for the first time, clearly and wonderfully Lord of all that you are, all that you know and all that you ever have been and ever will be.

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FEAR Is Never Your Friend (Book)

Fear prevents people from taking the necessary risks to attain their goals in life.

“Fear is Never Your Friend” Renamed and recovered for the Republishing.

Fear has reached epidemic proportions in our world today. Like a contagious disease affecting millions, it renders them weak and ineffective and robs them of their dreams.

Fear is neither logical nor practical. Its paralyzing force seeks to destroy the most valuable qualities within each of us- our hope, our ability to love, and our potential.

Author Gary Richardson, successful businessman and trial attorney, believes just the opposite- that fear is never our friend. He has found that fear prevents people from taking the necessary risks to attain their goals in life.

In this encouraging and inspiring book, Richardson shares the powerful secrets and proven principles that can eliminate fear’s destructive power from your life by exercising your God-given faith.

Don’t forsake your dreams, talents and heart’s desires because of fear! With God’s help, this book will encourage you to leap with both feet off your personal cliff of limitations. As you dare to open your mind and heart to the truth about faith and fear, you too will agree!
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