About Gary’s Training Testimonies

“Articulate, intelligent, captivating–Gary Richardson is a man worth listening to.” Jim Stovall, President of the Narrative Television Network, author of You Don’t Have to Be Blind to See, and The Ultimate Gift

“As a member of the media, I have closely watched the career of Gary Richardson…As long as there are wrongs to right, and battles to win, I think we’ll see Gary Richardson in there fighting. The greater the challenge, the more he seems to like it.”
Becky L. Dixon
TV Producer – Tulsa, OK

“Let me say this about Gary Richardson. I have worked with over 200 lawyers during my time as a trial consultant. Gary, without question, has developed the best procedure for trial preparation that I have ever experienced. This program will make any lawyer better prepared to try his case than any I have ever seen. IT WILL MAKE YOU MONEY. Too, in this program Gary shares some strategies that are unique and they work. I have seen Gary use them in the court room many times.”
Jim Burgund
Trial consultant for over 30 years. Has worked with lawyers all over the mid-west, both in civil cases as well as criminal cases.

“Gary Richardson is a master of courtroom advocacy. His questioning techniques are unique and the most effective that I have seen in over 25 years of trying cases. His approach, from voir dire to closing, successfully wins the hearts and minds of jurors. This program allows you to sit second chair and to learn from one of our Nation’s real masters.”
Dale Williams
Trial Lawyer
“Gary Richardson has tried cases in my court, and I consider him a superb trial lawyer. His cassette tape program provides excellent information for trial lawyers.”
Steven J. Adams
Former Oklahoma District Judge

“As a trial consultant for 30 years I have worked with lawyers in a 10 state area over the Southern part of the United States. I can say, without hesitation, that the principles set forth in this program, of which I am intimately knowledgeable, will prepare a lawyer better for settlement of their cases or for trial than any such material that I have seen in my 30 years of consultant work. Without question, Gary Richardson, is the best I have ever worked with in preparing a case for trial and in developing a strategy for winning in and out of the court room. You can learn a ton from this program. It’s a must for those lawyers that are serious about winning in mediation or in the court room.”
Dr. Fred Minton – Dallas, Texas